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Friday Fun Maps #6

Welcome back to another friday fun map! This week a small keep of sorts, who lives there? you tell me! As always, you can find the full-size image, for free, on my itch: https://helicity.itch.io/friday-fun-maps

Friday Fun Maps #5

Another week, another friday fun map!As always, you can find the full size and previous maps on my itch for free: https://helicity.itch.io/friday-fun-maps

Make your own Zine binder!

Zine storage got you flustered? Let me show you the way!

Friday Fun Map #4

Abandoned and haunted cells? A thieves’ den? A forgotten Crypt? DEADLY MUSHROOMS? Just how much trouble can one sewer hold? Find out in Friday Fun Map #4 / 52 ! As always you can grab the full-sized image, for free, in my itch: https://helicity.itch.io/friday-fun-maps

Building a playlist

It’s my assumption that most GMs have at least some sort of playlist going when they run games, even if no one is actively listening to it having something that gives off a (for lack of a better term) “vibe” to me, feels almost essential for immersion. Unfortunately I have also noticed that many GMs do not really give much.. Read more

Friday Fun Maps #3

The streak continues! I wanted to play with some verticality to challenge player mapping with this one.I didn’t end up doing more than two layers in the end, so I may need to do a truly vertical themed map later on. As always, you can grab the full-sized file on my itch.io project page

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