D66 Creepy Finds

Sometimes, you just need something small to throw the players off, or be a red herring, or just general inspiration.

Here are d66 random creepy and disgusting things to throw at your players.
(This table was originally made for https://dngngen.makedatanotlore.dev but has yet to be implemented)

If you’ve never used a D66 table before, it goes like this: 
1. roll a D6 to see which sub table you’re looking at

2. roll a D6 to see which entry of the sub table you will be using.



  1. [d6] carefully stacked piles of 10 complete fingernails each
  2. A wooden doll’s head without eyes, the hair is very realistic and soft
  3. A frothy pool of moist vomit and bile, inside the pool are a large number of plump, living, maggots. They have tiny human faces.
  4. Two old coins, one side of each is scratched out and defaced
  5. A set of footprints that abruptly end without a trace
  6. A mummified thumb, or perhaps [d6] thumbs


  1. A carefully taxidermied mouse with [d6] + 2 legs
  2. A pile of books, every page is filled with the same sentence in various handwriting styles
  3. A stench pepper and rot wafts over you
  4. [d10] deformed human skulls
  5. A persistent scratching sound. You can’t seem to tell what direction it’s coming from, but it’s getting louder.
  6. A flute made from animal bone, it is carved with detailed scenes of murder


  1. 7 black candles wrapped in a stained cloth that smells like lavender
  2. A jar of rancid butter. Hidden inside the vile stuff is a piece of paper. What does it say?
  3. A patch of mushrooms, shaped like a person. A skinned bat lies on the “head”
  4. [4d6] identical fingers, each in a small phial of formaldehyde
  5. A pair of weighted dice, the pips are carved like very tired eyes
  6. A loaf of stale and moldy bread, a big bite has been taken out of it


  1. A small puddle of rainwater, full of leeches
  2. [2d6] small monkeys, all crucified
  3. The sound of dripping water, yet none can be found
  4. A set of rusty metal manacles, there are spikes on the inside
  5. A piece of parchment, on it are your names. All but one are crossed out.
  6. 6 iron nails tied together on a piece of catgut like a necklace


  1. Shattered funeral urns, the ashes are missing 
  2. Three daggers pinned into the ground in a triangle formation
  3. A door. It stands free, without a doorway or wall. Where is its key? Where does it go?
  4. [2d6] small porcelain figures depicted dissecting each other, they are smiling
  5. An ornate but battered hip flask, it contains fetid seawater and very old fishing hooks. It feels sticky to the touch.
  6. A carefully arranged complete set (32) of human teeth, there are no cavities


  1. A journal describing your travels, in familiar handwriting. The final page describes the writer creeping up on your group with a sharp knife while you sleep.
  2. [3d6] rusty knives of various designs wrapped in a tattered leather roll
  3. Two pairs of large metal tongs, the handles are extremely long. Bits of blackened flesh cling to the business ends
  4. A coffin lid, the inside covered with scratches. The outside is carved with unfamiliar letters
  5. A detailed painting of one of the player characters, but the eyes are entirely black and the fingers much too long. Other than that it’s remarkably accurate.
  6. A number of freshly dug shallow graves, there’s one for each of you

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