Welcome to the all-new machine9.net!

Previously this page hosted my EVE-online blog, where I told tales of internet spaceships hi-jinks and space pirate exploits. I have long since retired from the game and have broadened my horizons into various other games and mediums.

For example, I play a lot of Street Fighter V now

This blog will now host my writing about my various passions, and will mostly feature:

  • Retro gaming / collecting
  • Dungeon World and Dungeons and Dragons RPG stuff
  • Fighting games
  • The odd bit of social commentary
  • Some data science explorations

I hope at least some of these will prove interesting to readers, or at the very least provide me with a creative outlet, which is something I have been sorely missing of late.

So strap in, and let’s get this eclectic ride on the road!

Data scientist by day, RPG nerd by night.

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