Faceplante, part 3

We were bored. And apparently we are skill-less nanofags. So we decided to take it out on BANE and the ever pathetic Ken Plante (you may know him as the terrible curse pilot that was the first to die in AT8).

The results were pleasing! BANE indulged us by warping a roughly equal sized blob onto our BS gang along with a carrier. We then proceeded to beat them to death with our swollen members. Sadly we can’t see the BANEites that got away… on account of us not taking any losses at all.



Here’s a picture Spectre took before they started dying and running like weaklings, still not everything, but most of it:

10 thoughts on “Faceplante, part 3

  1. Golden Helmet

    I love it. They fit their Falcon to jam our Guardians, they fit their geddon to neut our Guardians + everything else, and they bring a triage carrier in to keep them alive.

    And we facestomp, or rather, faceplante them in to fucking OBLIVION. And took no losses.

    Kenny, I know you said you didn't want to train us for free. How much do you charge for training? We clearly need it šŸ™

    Just to reiterate,


    Who's the joke now?

    • So that's BANE, huh? You seem to be the only ones who have touched them up recently. Good work.

  2. skye


  3. Azishkra'elhykai

    Lol, I especially like the fact that the fleet was named "PEEEEENIS// Homosex"

  4. nashh

    you guys have all the fun!

  5. Fucking Awesome!

    They should write a gospel about Python and many many pages about this fight.

    "And so it came to pass, that the evil Faceplante was smitten down by the righteous Penis wielding Pythons.
    After having strutted around like a rooster, the joke was on mr Plante as he had his behind soundly thrashed.
    -And there was much rejoicing."

  6. skye

    Also, shitty thing to destroy the carrier wreck before we could loot it. We earned that loot in a reasonably fair fight, but they were to butt hurt to let us keep it. Bitches.

  7. Nice fight you had there, have noticed a few of you bouncing around the area lately, look forward to more fights! šŸ˜€

  8. does your shit stink

    i like how you win one fight and think you are king dick, i don't even like Bane and feel i have to say that you have a giant dick up your ass, you really think you are something huh

    • I’m something enough to not have to post from behind a fake ID, little pussy.

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