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Big update on the Hulkageddon V site!

If you haven’t yet, go read the amazing news on the Hulkageddon V website!

We’ve broken 1 Trillion isk in damages, over 5000 confirmed kills and DEATH THREATS have been received!

click me for awesome


In case anyone was wondering

I’m rather busy in real life, and I’ve been waiting on Recons V (now finally done) and am generally a bit discouraged by the utter bullocks that is this “optional patches” bullshit, which is a fucking terrible excuse for putting out such a dismal set of patches.

Yeah, I’ll play EVE later.


I weep for this earth.

Manivald Kostaja > help i want to find a corp for alt caod troll
Manivald Kostaja > yeah but my plan is to join some nice alliance with alt
Manivald Kostaja > and then threat other alliances on caod
Helicity Boson > if your grammar in here is any indication manivald
Manivald Kostaja > indication of what?
Manivald Kostaja > im an emigrant you racist
Helicity Boson > I’d suggest you do something else with your time.
Manivald Kostaja > i haven learned english language yet
Helicity Boson > I’m not a native english speaker
Helicity Boson > But you don’t see me shitting up the forums with terrible grammar and spelling.
Manivald Kostaja > yes but my grammar is still perfect!
Helicity Boson > just saying.
Manivald Kostaja > but im a troll
Helicity Boson > No, you’re not a troll
Helicity Boson > You’re a moron
Helicity Boson > There is a difference
Manivald Kostaja > what
Manivald Kostaja > i haven’t made a single gramautical mistakes here yet
Manivald Kostaja > i don’t understand what yuo are talking about
Helicity Boson > /emote dies a little inside