Low budget adventures.



Last night I found myself with no scheduled alliance ops, and very little desire to go look for people to shoot. As I often do on nights like those, I instead logged in on my alt account to muck around with my PI setup (my primary source of income in EVE). PI is not terribly exciting past the initial setup/tweaking phase, so I was bored out of my skull rather swiftly.

It was at this point that I recalled the claims of one of my corpmates about how good the new ORE Venture mining frigate was, and how he had no issues at all dealing with lowsec belt rats. After looking at the pricetag on the (cool looking) new industrial frigate, I decided I couldn’t really go far wrong for the pitiful amount it cost and bought one.

I made my way over to Goinard, took a deep breath, and warped to the top belt.

Almost immediately I was besieged by a pair of Serpentis Cruisers, I fired up the afterburner and marvelled at the impressive speed of my little yellow ship. Settling into a 5km orbit the rats had no chance of tracking the Venture, and while it took some time (lol 2 small drones) they eventually blew up. The next few minutes saw me struggling to find a nice juicy Jaspet rock to chew on (obviously, the overview settings of the most hated destroyer of Hulks is ill-suited for mining).

As I was doing this, I was having a lengthy nostalgic discussion with alliance buddy Lumpysnake about how large and scary and awesome EVE feels when you are just starting out, and how we had wished the Venture existed when we first started. The amount of money you can nab with one of these little rascals as a newbie would seem vast for a player just starting out. You never really get that feel back once you start piling up ships and isk in your assets later in your career.

Lumpy immediately decided to join me in my venture (I am SO sorry for that one) to relive, just for a moment, the days of old. He was on his way back to Goin with a mining frigate of his own when I was jumped in the belt by something I have never seen before… A hauler spawn of some description!

Now, I never rat on Helicity. EVER. Because that would damage my pristine and heard-earned -10.0 security status. So this was new to me entirely, I made a beeline for the Serpentis convoy (the venture has the most awful lock range in the game) and attacked them with my puny drones.

Imagine my surprise when the rat dropped a rare and apparently popular Mining Laser Upgrade… worth 55 million isk.

My venture had now paid itself back ten times over, and had I been an actual newbie (and not a total monster pretending to be one) I would now be RICH!

Lumpy and I screwed around with our ventures some more, killing rats, mining jaspet, clearing out the Abandoned Battleground site with assigned fighters and more nonsense.


We were having a blast in our bright yellow ships!


Of course like anything, this experience began to tire after a while, this is when we started hatching ever more elaborate ideas of what to do with these ships (more on that soon TM) and on the whole living-off-what-you-find experience of the newbie. I suggested we use the money from the Mining Laser Upgrade to obtain a pair of combat vessels with which to SAVE THE CITIZENS from the serpentis menace. Lumpy agreed and suggested we try the new Corax destroyer hull, fit with passive tank modules aimed at thermal/kinetic resists.

The interesting thing is, when you’re doing nonsense like this (especially with a guy filled with such boundless enthusiam about…anything as Lumpysnake has) a narrative tends to develop.

We went from trashtalking the rats, to donning outlandish accents and waging war against the serpentis who had so brazenly disrupted our mining. This all culminated with us running a full-on assault on their hidden base (we found a serpentis anomaly) to drive them from the belts (not really) with our top-of-the-line, cutting-edge prototype warmachines (shittily-fit Coraxes).

It was at this point we realized we were pretty tired, and had been so caught up in our play that well over 5 hours had passed.

We made about 20mil a piece after factoring in the ship purchases, which is absolutely nothing next to the billions in our corp wallets, but for just a little while, we had a small scale adventure and relived the excitement of our first days of playing EVE online, and that is priceless.



Hopefully, we will go on our next small scale adventure this weekend, where our objective is to steal as much Arkonor as we can from a nullsec alliance with our ventures. We’re probably going to die. And it won’t make a single difference.


I highly recommend giving this a go with a like-minded buddy if you find yourself being bored, grab some cheap crappy ships for like 5 million isk each and see how much money you can make and what kind of trouble you can get into from there.

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  1. Went wandering into null myself, in a Venture fitted with a cloak, looking for Arkonor. Didn’t find any in the time I had. I may be looking in the wrong place, it was NPC null belts. Failed to pay attention on the way home and got nuked by an Ev0ke gate camp! Very amusing though. I’m going to try again. Maybe I’ll see how deep into null I can get. How far can a Venture venture?

  2. W0w

    No wonder it’s been so cold, hell has frozen over

  3. I guess it’s time to fit those Thrashers… >:)

  4. Helicity Boson

    Le test!

  5. Helicity Boson

    le test 2

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