Wolves at your doorstep.

I’m pretty well known for my loud mouth and brashness, but man oh man, the way people play EVE sometimes makes it oh so difficult to keep things PG.

For example, look at the Hulkageddon leaderboard right now, go on, look. Did you see that?


That right there is 2100+ people that are (in the context of the game) quite literally too stupid to live. Hulkageddon is not new, it is in fact quite old. 4 years we’ve been doing this, months we spend broadcasting our intent on every medium that will give me the time of day.

And still there is 2100+ idiots that get their socks blown off.  How does this even happen?

The answer must lie in the nature of these players. There are various possible reasons I can think of but it boils down to one of these:

  • They are non- or antisocial players that do not participate in the community at all.
  • They live by the rule of “I’m sure it’ll only happen to the other guy”.
  • They are social but oblivious to the news.

The former two of that list qualify, in my book, in the category of “really fucking stupid” in a sandbox pvp MMO. The latter is more peculiar; EVE has a very lively blogging community a very active news site and forums that cover everything from current events to bad jokes.

You basically need to be purposefully attempting not to be up to date in order to be a victim of Hulkageddon.

This somewhat mirrors the real world of course; sticking your head in the sand is in no way new behaviour. It remains a pretty dumb thing to do however, just like in the real world , events do not care if you know they are occuring to affect you.

EVE is a game where knowledge and social behaviour trumps personal skill and in-game assets in most cases. He who has good friends has people to back him up in a fight, has people that alerts him to potential profit or danger.

Those who read the news make profits off current events, and most importantly, don’t get blown up by goonswarm in Jita like a toolbag.

Those who put in effort to learn about the game they are playing do not fit their phoenix and raven like this (though I suspect some shady isk dealings are behind this guy’s fortune).

Take myself as an example: I am not a masterful player like Garmon or Will Adama, nor am I likely to ever be able to match their vast raw talent.  But because I put forth the effort to find like-minded players, and because I read and try to learn about the virtual world around me, even a TERRIBLE pilot like myself can achieve a very decent ranking and a 30:1 kill/death ratio. EVE is a game that is played foremost with the mind, and as a distant second with your fingers.

In nature, mankind rose to prominence by developing tools, but even more so by developing it’s social nature. Having a culture, having a pack, meant being alerted to dangerous predators and to unite the strength of the individual members of the tribe. Being a solitary human meant death.

Humans have this odd habit of thinking themselves above all these natural principals, it’s a bad habit, because in EVE the wolves are always at your heels, and they don’t care if you’re in the dark woods or the middle your peasant town.


In New Eden, I am the predator.  And the non-social and uninformed are my prey, I will devour them;  Flesh, skin and tasty bones.


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  1. O'Fajota

    Hey, hows it going? I’m inclined to agree that people who were ignorant of the then impending festival of death are just “really fucking stupid.” Ive returned to Eve after a long break and the first thing I read was a post about Hulkageddon, and how awesome it was going to be…..not a Hulk driver Im guessing. Anyway, two minutes on the forums and I knew it would be a shitty month to return to Eve as a miner.

  2. Purehydro

    I’m going have a go at this.

    EVE is a tough social game with very little press. There’s a huge blogging community because of this. EVE players tend to be older which carries the weight of family responsibilities. Most miners afk mine while watching kids, at work, watching tv/movie or doing things around the house unless they are bots. Then we have a language barrier in some cases. Then there are play time issues.

    I think every one on the kb should get a note telling them to start looking at evenews24.com from there, they can start finding the bloggers they like. I remember how lonely and disorienting starting EVE was and I think as a community we should start going for more community events like Goonswarm and TEST, or what Poetic Stanza outlined in her recent blog post about a coworker wanting to start playing EVE. I came to EVE after hearing how good it was from a player in Fallen Earth. After WOW and Warhammer Online, I just couldn’t go back to gear grinding MMOs.

    I like mining and building things and engaging in some light trading. I’m a horrible player at pvp. For Hulkageddon, I moved to a HS pocket, did grav sites and mining missions, and docked up if anyone was in local that I didn’t know. My acct has since elapsed and RL is quite busy. I do plan on coming back probably midsummer.

    I don’t think what you’re doing is counter-productive. I just think that an effort to casually help people from time to time would be useful besides liberating them from their hulks. 😉 You see a lot of what you mentioned in politics, like where you now have to get an occupancy permit in some cities to legally live in your own house. Who in their right mind lets that happen?

    • I feel that bumping your toe is the best way to learn to turn on the light when walking around the house in the dark. This event is a reflection of that school of thinking. Losing a hulk is a painful setback; but it’s only that- a setback.

  3. Derka Derka shwimmm

    I think what he meant was stage a group event against players who pvp for a living. Work for those kills! . That being said. The Goonswarm Federation is nearing the end of it’s cycle, we’ll have to re-establish sov all over again. I can’t wait to see this happen again end of summer!

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  5. desktop

    You seem to be under the impression that people care about what you post. Frankly, not reading anything to do with EVE would make for a happier player overall. Also, information is generally just shotgunned around the web. If you aren’t already reading those horrible, horrible posts (I’m jealous of those who don’t) then you will never hear about them. Thanks for trying to force out all other styles of game play except your own. Nothing says “sandbox” like throwing down some railroad tracks and calling it free will.

    • awww you sad little birdy. Unfortunately for you two thousand people read what I write every day, many of them being regulars.

      So I’m afraid your hypothesis falls flat on it’s face. But keep sticking your head in the sand! I’m sure the bad things will pass you by <3

      • desktop

        Sad abou twhat exactly? Plus I do read, but I have to admit that this is the first time I’ve even paid attention to your blog. It just wasn’t of any interest to me. It was linked from reddit.

        • The crux of it however, is that there is a very large portion of players doing their utmost to not be social in a multiplayer game, and they end up paying a (needless) price for it. It’s just dumb for one thing, but it’s also really sad, because they miss out on all the amazing fun you can have in EVE by participating. And that goes for all playstyles.

          • desktop

            However, you’re basing that on the idea that what you think is fun is what’s fun for everybody. That just isn’t true.

            Also, I would argue that there is no such thing as solo play in EVE. Even if you don’t verbally interact with other players, you still interact based off how the game mechanics work. If you mine an asteroid, it’s no longer available to other players and will affect their actions. If items are built, they are sold to/used by other players in their activity. How you set up a price point affects other price points near and far. If one player exhausts an exploration site, it is no longer there to be found by other players, but they may yet get items from it via other means including the market. PI doen’t need to be handled by a cast of thousands to create. One person can, but his products affect many. Therefore, there is no solo play. You can’t do anything that doesn’t cause an affect. In that case, they are always participating.


          • desktop

            PLus, other players are really annoying. Kind of like having family over for the holidays. Noisy, blood sucking parasites that come around with a hand out all the time. God forbid you need their help though.

            Many people hate doing things like PI or ming. I say that if you have a guy who likes to mine ice, buy him an exhumer! Can i get you anything else? Mining crystals perhaps? Enjoy your ice mining! And off I go to do other things.

          • That’s all well and good, but then don’t cry when you pay the price for it, and in EVE that is a very real possibility.

            And that is what grinds my gears “waaah I want to play how I want without accepting the possible repercussions”

            EVE does not work like that, that is why EVE is great.

    • Well, judging by the Hulkageddon killboard, there are 2,378 people (at last count) who probably SHOULD care about what Helicity posts. Given that, you know, they’ve lost nearly half a trillion ISK worth of ships by not caring.

      • indeed. I’m providing a service here!

        • desktop

          And yet they still don’t care. Hmmm

          • desktop

            However, I’ve grown bored of this. Enjoy your blogging!

  6. desktop

    Helicity Boson
    Posted May 4, 2012 at 5:21 PM
    “That’s all well and good, but then don’t cry when you pay the price for it, and in EVE that is a very real possibility.

    And that is what grinds my gears “waaah I want to play how I want without accepting the possible repercussions”

    EVE does not work like that, that is why EVE is great.”

    Ganking has and will always be part of EVE. The problem occures when it turns into harrassing players under the false premis that you’re helping them decide to change how they play. That isn’t useful nor is it a good idea. Burning down someones house doesn’t make them want to be friend. It makes them like you less. The fact that this needs to be pointed out is a bit sad, but it’s true.

    Sometimes people just like different things. It isn’t a bad thing. It’s just different and that’s okay. Remember, directly or indirectly, you benefit from their work too.

  7. Chemist18

    Holy Cow, let’s try that again,

    I stay informed about events like hulkageddon only because an officer in our corporation does. I stay away from forums at all costs. Forums are a place where the most vocal, most offensive hold sway. It’s rare that anything can actually be learned from forums due to the “regulars” that aggressively and offensively shout down new comers and new ideas. People tend to avoid places where they get regularly abused. With Eve this is magnified by developers that actively encourage people to be jerks to each other. I don’t remember where I saw it but I saw a statistic that said that on average only slightly less than 1% of MMO players visit the associated forums. I’d bet with Eve it’s a small fraction of that.

  8. Illest

    I had a group last night in an ice belt, 16 macks.

    Concord was at the bottom to start out so I hit the top. Did that for 7 kills in a row then they finally all logged off.

    Literally after 6 of them were killed 1 at a time they all came back after the 7th they gave up I guess.

  9. philalexandros

    I love reading posts like this ! As a likewise terrible pilot, I need to find a new gang to join!

    Thanks Helicity.

  10. BladeRy

    Its not a wonder how stupid people can be. I play eve, surf the forums while chating and doing stuff. O look, new hulkageddon is close, so i drop a corp mail around to warn people.
    Most of them didnt even know what it is, hell, almost all of them never visited the forums….at all. Their fits were mindbogglingly stupid, dunno if i should laugh or cry.
    Spent whole evenings trying to explaining what a can-flip is, and why they died….nope, didnt help.
    So they quit the game….honestly, i am happy idiots like that are in decline in eve. If you cant explain something simple like a can-flip to them, how the hell would they ever learn any semblance of PvP they repeatedly ask for. One of them warped to a belt where he lost his mining ship in a badger… and lost it to a same guy again….

    Helicity, thank you for pruning out game from idiots.

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