The Battle of Aeschee (2 supers down + video)

After the massive amount of QQ our last (somewhat devious) supercarrier kill generated, Shadow Cartel and friends have been actively on the lookout for more foolish Supercarrier pilots to Blap. Last night, our plan to surprise buttsex a supercarrier we’ve been monitoring ended up being a fat load of nothing, so we reshipped into a BS gang with some capital support and were getting ready to go out and look for trouble…

…When someone indicated there was a semi-large Raiden. gang baiting in lowsec.

Now, everybody knows there is no such thing as a Raiden BS gang so we said “Fuck it, let’s see if we can bait out a super and kill it”. We burned towards their location like motherfuckers while our scout kept tabs on them. We decided to fight them in Aeschee and split our gang on a gate to see if we could entice them into accidentally splitting their gang a little. Unfortunately as they moved into the system Itsme jumped his Vindi in from Lisbeatanne only to find the Raiden guys had moved to that gate instead of ours.

We weren’t about to let Raiden have a free Vindi kill, so the order came down to just jump on their faces and cyno in a triage.

It was on!

Predictably it only took seconds before there were two super carriers and hostile triage on grid. We laid into their subcaps, got HICs onto an Aeon and decided to go balls to the wall.

We dropped Dreads onto Raiden. This is not a course of action for the faint-hearted, as without fail you can expect a very large number of super capitals in short order. We cycled through primaries, killing several faction BS (and an amusing T2 fitted armor Machariel) and a Triage carrier. Then we set about destroying the offending Aeon. He died with a very satisfying kaboom (and a devious fleet member immediately snagged the loot). More supers jumped in, this would be the theme of the whole fight.

The pressure on our fleet was increasing, but we were not going to let the Nyx we had pointed live!

That’s a lotta supers…

Even more supers jumped in, we were getting overwhelmed, we took down some more sub caps and by this point Raiden had more super capitals than we had regular capitals.

We decided to sit it out and take down that Nyx. It folded under the combined weight of the Dreads and subcaps. Our HIC pilots were doing an amazing job staying alive and enabled us to kill our second super capital of the day.

We laid into a third Nyx and an Archon, but by now there were no less than 24 (no joke) supers on field. This was overwhelming our defenses quite readily, as this is the amount of supers I’d normally expect in a Sov fight, not lowsec…

The FC then made an unpopular, but correct, decision: We could kill the third Nyx, but we’d lose every single one of our capitals, if we bailed now we’d come out ahead.

Fully half of our capitals managed to bail before the incredible power of two dozen supers could end them, subcaps deagged and escaped via the gate without issue.

At the end of the day, the result was firmly in our favor isk-wise:

Just goes to show you, even lowsec “trash” can punch you in the dick if you think you’re some omnipotent space army that has no rival. Arrogance like that is the keystone of every dead nullsec Alliance. We knew from the start their ability to escalate far outstripped our own, but we went for it anyways.

Above you can see the video from the perspective of one of our dreads. Thanks to Raiden. for bringing it!


P.S. To all the haters, blow us, we can kill supers that fight back.

13 thoughts on “The Battle of Aeschee (2 supers down + video)

  1. All we need to fix this game are a couple hundred gangs of you guys… Good F’ing Fight. Is this the beginning of the rise of low sec? Death to all supercaps.

  2. Palander

    Pretty accurate what happened, not so accurate how we view ourselves 🙂 Gratz for bringing it, it was nice fight, too short for me though 😀

  3. Bagger is THE boss. R-E-S-T-E-C-P

  4. Animo06


    • Hah, indeed “you only pick on things that don’t fight back” oh really? xD

  5. Very well done. Wicked props to Shadow Cartel

    It’s long been a given that the technetium-fueled supercap powers out of nullsec would eventually encroach on lowsec. The open question was whether lowsec entities could stand and fight or would simply have to relocate. That question is well answered – at least on the single engagement level.

    At risk of raining on a well-deserved parade, one engagement is not a war. With the high value moon-goo tike technetium (never mind the rare minerals) Raiden. can quickly replace capital and supercapital losses. Can Shadow Cartel do the same? And if so, how many battles like the above can SC fight before the war of attrition makes them risk averse when it comes to deploying caps?

    • We’re small, but not poor. Obviously we cannot sustain a war (no tech moons!) But we can sure punish arrogant blobs prancing through lowsec like it’s not dangerous. Because lowsec IS dangerous >:)

    • Guess if null sec alliances like raiden really threaten low sec corps and/or alliances in their “own” space it could come down to funny combinations and collaborations of FW and low-sec Pirates to counter them even more…
      Actually that could be quite entertaining.

      • They can’t really do anything to us, we have no space to take, no resources to deprive us from. And while we cannot match them for numbers or cash, low-sec corps spend YEARS practicing hit and run guerilla tactics. As raiden discovered to their regret.

  6. Good christ, they need to nerf the shit out of supercap fleet reaction times.

    It should take hours, not minutes, to bring 20+ supercapitals to bear on a fight.

    Good fight, I agree saving the fleet beats a third dead supercap .. you can use them to kill 3 next time 😉

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  8. Oh HELL YES !!! Death to ALL supers !!! o7

  9. Lady Naween

    My first fleetfight 🙂 I was shaking even as i was just boosting but man that was a lot of fun even if they decided to bring in all that. Much laughter was heard on coms and lots of gfs all around 🙂

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