Mighty Penis roam, preliminary report. [now with video!]

Earlier tonight, in an unprecedented show of unity of purpose, pirates from many alliances and corporations banded together to form THE MIGHTY PENIS FLEET. Composed of only penis-shaped vessels this fleet set about wreaking havoc in nullsec…. after shooting the bejesus out of an Advocated Destruction Tempest that thought his carrier would save it.

He was wrong.

Many jumps and few kills later we ran into a confident shieldgang that decided we would be easy picking.

They were also wrong.


Swiftly after we ran into a huge zealot gang, which ended our penis fun with T2 golden phalluses. We cared not, everyone had a great time. we will definitely do this again. It was so much fun to get to know some of our erstwhile ” enemies” in a different setting.

Good fight, Good night.

Otto Jarvis recorded the mayhem of the first fight for us, please check it out!

11 thoughts on “Mighty Penis roam, preliminary report. [now with video!]

  1. Piscis

    Such a sick roam this was. To get all the pirates together in the name of penis is a lovely thing. Well done Heli and Bones for organising this. Really hope we have more of these to cum

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  3. Ospie

    Yeah, was great fun, look forward to the next one, where I’ll be able to stay on comms and actually try and shoot the right target 😀 without lagging out

  4. That is quite a mass of phalluses.

  5. Mal

    And people say buff blasters?

  6. @Spectre
    I knew you would approve spec 🙂

  7. Helicity – thank you so much for the fun roam. It was a blast, even though I was just a smaller, stubbier version of the Mighty Thorax. But size doesn’t matter – it’s all in how you use it, right? RIGHT?

    Anyway, I would loveto have a mailing list available for any future fleets and a few days’ advanced notice. At least one other guy in my corp is very interested in the fun and I’d like to bring him along.

    P.S. PENIS

  8. Awesome Possum

    I love how you can see my pod warping around staying with the fight. Thought the stilleto was gonna rape me when the vulture got bubbled, I was like 5km away 🙁

    Wish I had lasted longer 🙁 (she did too)

  9. Sorry I missed this. 76 jumps for me and my chaps. However, give us some advanced warning and we will be there.

  10. I have a few more people interested in the Mighty Penis Fleet. We’re all looking forward to the next penetration in nullsec.

    • I’ll be arranging a new one sometime after hulkageddon ends. On that note, you guys should try and snatch up some of the lesser-competed for prizes maybe? 😀

      (that or go all out next weekend, the guy who is in the lead right now could still be beaten!)

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