[EEM] Region maps v0.1

Enormous EVE Map [EEM] project update!

I had a day off, so I wrote some code to generate region maps. I still haven’t managed to fix the “overlapping” systems issue, but I have some ideas on that.

Anyways, here is a series of wallpaper sized region maps, I’ll continue on prettifying this (as I think they are really more useful than a single gigantic map in most cases.)

To do list region maps:
[ ] Fiddle with antialiasing
[ ] Fix annoying overlap
[ ] label out of region jumps
[ ] add station services… somehow

Speaking of “single enormous map” if you’re not on a mobile connection, download this one (+/- 68mb)!

If you were to print that at 600dpi, you’d have a 76.67 x 66.67 inch wallhanger!

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