The enormous EVE map (beta)

Hi friends, last sunday I spent a little time making a first draft version of a truly gigantic EVE map.

1024px map

This is a very small picture of a very very large map.

It’s big. REAL big.

Here is a detail shot:

Detail map

Detail shot of the Enormous Eve Map (EEM)

Now, there is still a few issues with it, namely that many of the systems overlap on the X/Y coordinates (trivia: they are actually the X/Z coordinates you are looking at; EVE isĀ vertical) which I hope to fix next sunday.

You can download the full 20mb version here:

I’ll make a new post when I’ve worked out a new version, enjoy!


TODO list:

  • Figure out a way to “spread out” the map a little to reduce overlaps
  • Add symbols for things like FW systems, stations, ice belts (after gaining more space)
  • Make the 0.5 system yellow a bit darker for the sake of legibility
  • Add sights?
  • Recalculate all coordinates with Jita at x/y = 0,0 (ALL ROADS LEAD TO JITA)
  • Build more tools to generate “on the fly” detail maps for stuff like blog posts
  • Make a set of wallpaper sized region maps
  • Eventually make the code not godawful to look at and share it on GitHub

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